"i wanted to create a collection of scents that were iconic, classically cool and chic, modern as in relatable, classic in longevity, scents that were conceived from thoughts and moments in my life created from deep with-in my soul with joyous passion and profound love, scents that elevate your senses, that you desire to wear continuously, that everytime you wear them it feels like the first time, you shine, project radiance, through embracing the qualities that are the true you, becoming the best version of yourself" dgr


these scents were not conceived with the thought of male/female, rather the idea of one ... to wear a scent is neither masculine nor feminine it is the balance of the exploration, of embracing the opposite of those characteristics which we do not possess.


it has always been a instinctive process for me to wear more than one scent at a time, an intriguing adopted manner of self expression, manifesting obsolete wonderment, grounded in commonalities all species share common traits its our individual characteristics that reveal our true self, these scents sharing cedarwood, a connection to earth, awareness, stillness, an aphrodisiac of clarity, patchouli, three rare refined individual adaptations creating illumination of love on all levels, transparency, establishing grounding qualities for each scent to shine .


awareness, of my given attribute for the the need to discern , emanates in all facets of my life, speaking to aesthetic, referring to scent, understanding the intensity to create the illusion of simplicity and distraction in form, being, ease, imbalance to achieve balance a conscious ease in void, modernism in the continuation of moving forward while never feeling futuristic or already there

mastery/dale gerard/creator

notes from famed perfumer pascal gaurin on working with DALEGERARD, "creating the olfactif DNA of a brand is one of the highlights and most exciting parts of my job, this experience and the end result, depend entirely on the relationship between the perfumer and creator of the brand this takes time analysis and a partnership, dale's passion and deep connection to fragrances is obvious he has a sensitivity and a very natural instinct that allows him to react instantly to scent. patchouli became the natural ingredient to build a trio of fragrances around , perfumers are olfactif story tellers, to write a good story, the main character needs to have a strong personality (patchouli) creating three distinctive, luxurious, scents, three unique patchouli based oils, three different stories all capturing the complex and intriguing personality of dale," pascal gaurin VP SENIOR PERFUMER IFF NEW YORK


influenced addictions and the gravitas and ecstasy of scent derived from my beginnings in the luxury of childhood in remote american farmland ...understanding escapism through scent, every inhale filtered with clean , clear, raw elements the intoxicating unmovable frozen winter air, the faint interruption of a cool breeze at dusk on a heated summers day evoking eroticism capturing the scent of rain on the window panes from inside, these emotions envelope every scent i adore

collection dgr01

i wanted to create a collection of scents that had reference to profound moments in my life, omniscient, with elegance, reverence to the classic , remaining relevant, three the most spiritual number, a begining, a center, finality, with respect to the elements of the earth, vocation-air, momentum, newness, fresh, discernment-water, tranquility sensual calmness, floating textured, mannered-earth, the richness of soil, grounded , depth in humility

vocation conceived-inspired by iconic fragrances of the early 80's when fragrance was perceived with mastery and exquisiteness...clarity, freedom, invincibility, projecting to create intrigue from another only to discover the scent was the intrigue, temptation of a fall breeze, deserved, lingering of scent from dawn to dusk

cedarwood, patchouli, bergamot, vetiver, orange bigarde, neroli

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discernment conceived-the effortless feeling of floating , textured and sensuality, provoking thoughts of imperfection as perfection contradiction and serenity, confliction, visions of iconic women gone too soon, invincibility, immortality the illumination of a quiet stillness when entering a room

white musk, sandalwood, jasmine, cedarwood, patchouli, geranium

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mannered- conceived established recognizable, elegance, the epitome of chic, in manners in dress, philosophy, non-egoic, carrying oneself with humility, viewed with respect, dignified, in thought and action, to know a moment in the past or future, ultimately experienced with a tender embrace scent on the neck, impeccability, compassion, ecstasy

cedarwood, cypress, patchouli, mandarin, orris, rose

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collection dgr02

the concept of soul-of finds its origin in the truest essence of the meaning, finding the souls-of vocation, discernment, mannered going deep into the essence of each scent beginning with three rare patchouli's each unique to its own scent then flourishing with individual notes each to their own, these patchouli souls-of represent distinctive olfactive territories, each patchouli is refined, created with superior processes of extraction finding the highest level of purity, one finds sensory surrealism when layering each oil with its original scent


vocationsoul-of finding its soul in air, purity, white brilliancy, freshness, ascension, clarity

patchouli heart, vetiver, petitgrain, neroli oil,

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discernmentsoul-of finding its soul in water, eyes of ice blue, translucent, floating, textured, invisibility, devotion to the immortal,

patchouli indonesia , sandalwood extract, bergamot oil, ciste absolute,

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manneredsoul-of finding its soul in earth, black, selflessness virtue, the rebirth of wisdom, grounded exquisiteness ,

patchouli indo, oris concrete, white musk, cedarwood heart, cedarwood atlas,

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each soul-of refined layering oil, is faceted with one of the most sought after stones, jasper, known for its calming and grounding capabilities, feeling sublime on the skin