for this collection dale tasked me with the challenge to create fragrances that would feature the common thread of musk, however not just any ordinary musk, we pushed boundary's by exploring white musket characterize the collection, typically in perfumery when we discuss musk we talk about this incredibly versatile ingredient that unveils it's power and elusiveness through ribbons  of warmth, elegance, and long lastingness

modern breakthroughs in perfumery have allowed to synthesize musk's natural element to introduce a wide range of ingredients, for this white musk collection we strived to capture the refinement with warmth, yet weightless tonality

 we executed 3 fragrances that express white musk's unique shades, firmenich is known as the fragrance house of musks having won a nobel prize for the elucidation of musk molecules, from natural sources in 1939

for vocation the shade is brilliant white, we explored embroidering a divine aromatic freshness contrasted with a combination of muscone and habanolide, deep in woodiness with an extremely elegant  and substantive musky note

for discernment, the shade is translucent nude, this exudes an unmatched and transcending pureness featuring a sparkling brightness coupled with rich spices and sophisticated florals, the addition of exaltone, and exaltolide, aguments the signature with elegance

for mannered the shade is greige, this takes on a different approach by carrying zesty spices, and cashmere woods, under a veil of smoky balsamic resin, the duo of musceone and helvetolide, conveys an added richness, whose aura is felt throughout the entire fragrance process

when i create my process is to refer to each fragrance as a new adventure, with dale we embarked on this new adventure and showcased the brilliance and versatality of constructing a collection revolving around multi-dimensional musk's

clement gavarry; perfumer, firmenich,  new york