i have always worn ore than one scent at a time / it creates undiscovered sensations  / it seemed natural to introduce this philosophy / now as an oil / the idea of being able to connect the  eau de parfum sprays with the oils whichever way possible  / all six scents created to work as one  /

soul-of / to find one's soul one must  go with-in to the core to find  / therefore taking each scent and starting with the core of each patchouli / then layering onto each the unique individual aspects and ratios of each scent / not unlike our individual characteristics that make us unique / creating an undiscovered deeper / more indulgent / version of vocation / discernment / mannered

 3 rare refined patchouli's / vocation soul-of / with patchouli heart / taken from the leaves of the patchouli plant / manifesting the cleanest patchouli / discernmentsoul-of / with patchouli indonesia / woody / less smoky/ fresher / more earthy / /manneredsoul-of with patchouli indo / a wet soil effect / a bright mint facet combined with moss/stunningly unique / these  are the souls of