art fashion film music philosophy spirituality design culture / these i desire / GRATITUDE for the gift to create  / BARNEYS NEW YORK the pressman's / luxury / "coolness "/ this was my reality for 10 years / working with individuals who changed my perception / educated / none so brilliantly and profoundly as CALVIN KLEIN  for the next 13 years / the influence / the modernity / the clean / the pure in esthetic / then RAF SIMONS  the fearlessness / the conviction / the sublime  / FUTURE  finding my voice / courage in the unknown  /  my truth  / my passion / DALEGERARD fragrance


i want to CREATE fragrance that pays HOMAGE, REVERENCE, to the iconic  scents of the past, when fragrance was REVERED with more passion and rarity, scents that are eternally CLASSIC, yet MODERN in smell, scents that become a part of your LIFESTYLE, that  are effortless, that make you feel good, that ALWAYS smell new, every time you wear them, that you DESIRE, scents that can raise your VIBRATION, that become a part of your DNA