i wanted to create a collection of scents that were classically cool /modern in newness  /classic in longevity /created fro thoughts and emotions from my past / scents that elevate the senses / that you desire to wear consistently/ 3 being the most spiritual number


/ vocation /  homage to iconic scents from the late 70's  early 80's / when fragrance was revered  in a different way /  working at a fragrance counter i continued my obsession with scent  /  i discovered a particular scent  / it changed my existence at the time / it gave me confidence / vetiver  /  it had an energetic quality /  beyond fresh  / beyond clean / petitgrain / it always felt new / air / white /  neroli / this is vocation


/ discernment are these people  that you see that seem to illuminate when you see them /  sandalwood / they create intrigue / their inner beauty transcends  their outward beauty /  scents that were made of white musk / the serene  / the sensuality /  jasmine /  the allure / almost natural / the sun /  the water / blue /  images of iconic women and men no longer here / this is discernment 


/ mannered  / eternally classic  / my  fathers cologne as a warm breeze passed / thoughts of trust / character / a deepness / erotic  in passion and compassion /  evoking thoughts of people i have admired /  earth  / black / grounded / cypress / rose / an tender  embrace in the brisk fall air / cedarwood / this is mannered