when looking for a starting point to our fragrance collaboration, dale and i distilled the creation process to the essential and looked for a single ingredient upon which to build. we chose patchouli, a timeless element of perfumery we both admire, for it's nebulous aura and rich texture, as well as it's versatility. i like the idea of creating various stories around a single character, and the suppleness of patchouli allowed us to craft 3 unique expressions that explore it's distinct olfactive facets.

for this we used 3 different types of  high quality extraction, hydro- distillation, molecule-distillation, and fractional-distillation, from our portfolio  of the most exclusive naturals. each bring out a specific character of the plant, to me this is like creating different sounds from a single instrument, such as using an acoustic guitar versus an electric guitar and truly showcases the range of perfumery in it's ability to convey a vast range of feelings from very little.

pascal gaurin

senior perfumer,  IFF new york