/  ingredient sustainability / human sustainability / 


/ creating a clear conscious that has no ingredients of animal origin or testing used on animals / dye free / phthalate free / talc free vegan / all and only partnerships  with environmentally  and socially conscious practices /  only organic cultivation methods  are used / all equipment and proper agricultural methods are used to respect the environment / support and monitoring of all labor conditions in local communities including suppression child labor / 

IFF / lMR manufacturer initiatives / ethics

/ sandalwood / grown in  new Caledonia by law 3 trees must be repainted to replace the one used, plants 20 trees this ensure being carbon neutral  while protecting endangered species, their habitats and natural eco systems / 

/ vetiver / only the highest quality is used from haiti, by developing exclusive local partnerships and supporting of local farmers with-in the communities creates measure to improve life, the implementation of wells for clean drinking water, the building of libraries to promote education, fair financial support of local farmers  enables their children to attend school, bridge construction to enable easier access to roads for medical care /

/ neroli (orange flower) /  Morocco most workers in the fields  are women , women's empowerment supported/ protected  with priority, overnight housing, and  free transportation  from the fields to the communities are provided / 

/ cedarwood / cedarwood heart / virginia / american grown only mature trees are harvested with no allowance for waste bark as well as sawdust are used in the process /